Earn Money as an Outsiders Campervan Owner

Why rent with Outsiders?

No matter what kind of campervan you have to share, Outsiders make it simple and secure to earn money and reach millions of travellers looking for unique campervans to rent, just like yours.

You are in control

With Outsiders, you’re in full control of your availability, prices, campervan rules, and how you interact with customers. You can set your campervan availability to fit around your own uses and holidays, and handle the process with ease.

We’re there at every step

Outsiders offers tools, customer services tips, fantastic support, and a growing community of experienced owner-renters for questions and sharing ideas for success.

How to become an Outsiders Campervan Owner

1. Create your listing

It’s easy to start renting-out your campervan with Outsiders.

Just fill-out this quick 10-question form which asks for some details about your campervan (make, model, how many people it can sleep, etc.) and hit send.

Once we receive your information, we’ll give you a call to discuss getting started.

We equip you with everything you need to start renting-out your campervan, including giving you a recommendation on rates to charge customers.  What you decide to charge, though, is always up to you.

We also give you:

✓ Rental bookings
✓ Vehicle insurance
✓ Rental agreements

✓Full instructions + support
✓Branding + marketing pack

Coming soon:  Owners Community Forum
Future plans:  Annual Meet-Ups + lots more

2. Welcome your customers

You can get to know your renters before they arrive by messaging them. Owners get their campervans tidied & cleaned before renters arrive, and are willing to greet customers in person.  At this point, you will take them through the short process of signing a rental agreement and insurance (aided by us) before they set-off.

3. Get paid

We process all rentals via our website and pay you within 24 hours of the booking commencing.  Our secure payment system means you never have to deal with money directly.  Renters are charged before arrival, and you are paid automatically after the booking commences, minus a 10% service fee.

You can be paid via Paypal, direct deposit, or international money wire, amongst other ways.

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